Walnut RV Park


Vanalden Park

8956 Vanalden Ave., Northridge, CA 91324

Walnut RV Park has a long history before it became an RV Park. We've been here since the 60's and a city has grown around us. Now we have to work with the little piece of land we have!  Because we are an Urban Park, we adopt everything around us and make it our own - Camping Hipsters. It really is a great thing because we take pride to say we have X. Y and Z!

Around the corner on Vanalden Avenue is a LARGE city Park that our guests use and use often! This is where dogs run around and have fun.  No little dog run, this is a massive Park bigger than us.  Instead of competing, we adopted it as the playground for our dogs. Dog owners love it because it wears them out!

It has a community center with Senior programs. Many use it for business meetings or picnics. It is really tucked away keeping the dogs free from any traffic.