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Walnut RV Park

Northridge, California

Meet the Girls

If Tamenia could be an old Hollywood actress she would pick Lucille Ball.

...because she gets creative when there's a problem!

Tamenia compliments Sue, like Ricky does Lucy. Tamenia has traveled to other states but loves California.

If Sue could be an old Hollywood actress she would pick Marilyn Monroe.

...because she wants to be loved by you! Customer service is her goal.

Sue is the manager at Walnut RV Park. She's worn many hats in her lifetime but enjoys the easy camping life.  

prime RV camping SITE located conveniently near los angeles, easy access to freeways, AND many NEARBY major attractions.

Our History

Walnut RV Park has been around since the 1960's. What started out as a farm later developed to one of the only two great RV parks the city of Los Angeles has to offer. We're like a blast from the past visually when you enter the grounds and our customer service will make you feel like you've time warped. We're a simple little park that loves to do things simple. The good old fashion way.

PARK YOUR CARAVAN, IT'S time to see everything los angeles has to offer!

we offer the perfect money saving solution to allow you to spend your money on the experience instead of the accommodations.